• Social justice and deep participation

    theory and practice for the 21st century

  • Donnelly-Roark, Paula

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"Economic and political power alone is inadequate to solve 21st century problems of poverty, climate change, and securing the peace. Social movements are making a comeback but they also do not seem to be up to the task. Deep Participation and Social Justice offers the means to change this status quo. Original research identifies the unknown dynamic of deep participation culminating in a hard-to-find social integrative power. Operating within communities in the midst of rapid social change, this power provides the social legitimacy and sustainability for difficult but necessary economic and political change. As a result, social groups can collectively re-invent and re-organize their own institutions within their own preferred culture. This is not just one more ideology. Rather, social integrative power is a natural dynamic of the world, similar to the much better recognized 'political threat power' and 'economic coercive power'. This new approach to hands-on change and emerging participatory social theory promises a greater shared prosperity and justice for all. "--
alternative ISBN/ISSN-s: doi : 10.1057/9781137436870