• [In Search of Wagner] (By: Theodor W. Adorno) [published: June, 2009]

  • Jr. William J Logan

'Future Spy', is a fast paced spy novel which centers around new skipper William Nagol . Mr. Nagol encounters a strange storm off the coast of Norfolk, VA which propels him and his vessel back in time from 2008 to 1942. Unfortunately, he is picked up by a U.S. Naval destroyer which discovers that the vessel, instruments and naval charts found aboard were made in Japan. Arrested as a spy, William Nagol faces imprisonment by the FBI and almost certain death when the German's discover that the DVD's, books and his personal knowledge of World War Two battles might ensure a quick end of the war and land agents off the coasts of New Jersey and Florida to either kidnap or kill him. Unknown to both the FBI and German Intelligence, William Nagol may not be the real spy. Readers will be thrown into a web of intrigue pitting the intelligence services of both the U.S. Government and Germany in a race against time to learn the secrets of the future. Is William Nagol a duble or triple agent? Is he really from the future or is he a clever Japanese spy trained to fool the FBI. If you are fascinated by 'Who Did It' mysterys, this book will keep you on your toes.