• Fashionable queens

    body, power, gender

  • Flicker, Eva, Seidl, Monika

  • publishing year:





    1st ed


    Peter Gmbh Lang Jun 2014



Konferenzschrift ‒ Kongress
The essays collected in this book provide profound insights into the wide-ranging topic of the fashionable queen: the manifold implications and effects that the combination of body, power and gender can have are examined by using different approaches and a variety of theoretical frameworks. By addressing queenly appearances in the past and the present, in politics and the media, in royalty and the middle-classes, in the arts and in popular culture, this book offers a new way of thinking of publically significant women, who exert, and at the same time subvert, their power through their attires and thereby negotiate notions of gender, class, power and media representation.
extent:252 pages
alternative ISBN/ISSN-s: isbn : 3631644477