• Urban and Regional Governance in China

    Process Policies and Politics

  • Ye, Lin

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    1st edition 2021



This book examines the process, policies, and politics of urban development in China, with particular attention to city region governance, urban redevelopment, and urban-rural interaction through intensive theoretical discussions and extensive case studies. It offers ample data, pictures, and illustration to provide readers with a deep understanding of urban policies and policies in China. This study offers a more tightly knitted and concrete analysis on the process, policies, and politics of China’s urban development. The regional perspective is emphasized to analyze the urban-rural transition and how it affects urban governance. This book develops a well grounded political economy analysis to examine how city-region development and governance evolve in China. Such development will be the focal point of China’s continuing urbanization and its impact needs to be carefully analyzed. In the end, this book aims to foster some discussions that may lead to serious consideration on China’s future urbanization route​.
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